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About Us

Our Mission

Bare Cheek Beauty exists to provide a healthy, hypoallergenic alternative to potentially toxic, store bought brands by using only the best, natural ingredients.

Only the best!

 Bare Cheek's products are chock full of the good stuff found in nature, and a lot of our ingredients are things you can eat! Our philosophy is if you can't put it in your body, why put it on your body? Sort of makes sense, right? 

Cause You're Worth it

Eating healthy, exercising and staying away from toxins are all things that can help us stay looking our best!  Taking care of your skin is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle so treat it right!


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Where to find our products

Manchester Athletic Club Spa (Open to the Public!) 8 Atwater Ave., Manchester, MA
The Salem Farmers Market on Derby Court in Salem, MA 
every other ​Thursday from 3-6:30pm starting June 8th

Dolce Vita Salon & Spa, 124 Main Street, Rockport, MAThe Floating Lotus, 169 Main Street, Downtown  
Cape Ann Fresh, 46 Commercial Street (Across from the Chamber of Commerce), Gloucester, MA

Russell Orchard, 143 Argilla Road, Ipswich, Ma

Bare Cheek Beauty

established 2015, Gloucester, Ma

(800) 734-6975